It’s Time For The Big Harvest! Here Are Some of the Best Harvests of the 2021 Gardening Season With Full Circle Compost



Yippie, gardener! It’s officially fall and we’re officially in the prime of this harvesting season. That means garden-fresh ingredients to make garden-fresh recipes … there’s nothing more delicious!

Check out how our Full Circle Garden Jungle turned out this year. It’s a record! So many vegetables, so many flowers, and so much growing! It’s harvest day here at Full Circle Compost and our green thumbs couldn’t be more proud.


The Best of Harvests From Our Full Circle Customers

We’re so proud of all of your northern Nevada gardeners and growers! What a fantastic year, and it’s so exciting to see all you’ve had to harvest. What a bunch of gorgeous (and obviously delicious) fruits and vegetables!


Grow Big, Grow Lush, Grow Clean With Full Circle Compost

If you’re itching to get a garden as great as these during the next gardening season, we’ll let you in on our (and all of our fellow Full Circle gardeners) secrets! AMAZING and all-natural Full Circle products!

All of these gardeners proudly used our Full Circle products in their gardens this year, and just look at those results! From BOOST to KICK to SOAR and more, Full Circle Compost has the plantastic products your garden (and your growing plants) will love!


BOOST Soil Amendment

Our BOOST Soil Amendment is our premium humus based compost with a 100 lb (20 ingredient) mineral and nutrient package specific to Nevada soils. You just spread BOOST at 1/4″ on everything, rake it out, water it in. You can use BOOST on landscapes, lawns, flowers, trees, shrubs, and gardens.


KICK Garden Soil

Our KICK Garden Soil is 4 topsoils, blended with our premium humus based compost, and a 50 lb (20 ingredient) all-natural mineral and nutrient package. Just fill up your raised beds, plant, and water. KICK should have plenty of nutrition for your garden for at least a season. KICK can also be used as an amazing landscaping soil with all the all-natural nutrients already added.


SOAR Potting Soil

Our SOAR Potting Mix has a base of premium peat moss and pumice, blended with our humus based compost, and a 100 lb (20 ingredient) all-natural mineral and nutrient package. Just fill up your pots, plant, and water. SOAR’s ingredients allow for maximum water holding while also allowing for superior drainage yet still holding on to a huge mineral and nutrient package for big time growing. SOAR should have plenty of nutrition for your container plants for at least a season.


PUNCH Plant Probiotic

Our PUNCH Plant Probiotics is the highest quality liquid worm compost extract made from our army of composting worms and contains billions of beneficial microorganisms for your plants to enjoy. No one feeds and cares for their worms as well as we do here at Full Circle. All you have to do is mix a gallon of water with 3oz of PUNCH, apply to the roots and leaves of your plants every two weeks, and voila!



Our PROTECT Mulch does wonders for suppressing weeds, withstanding wind, fight fire, and shielding your soil from the sun. This powerful mulch is made of pristine recycled organic materials that avoided the landfill and is the least combustible natural mulch on the market. Add texture to your growing area, use less water, and PROTECT your soil!


What a year, Full Circlers! What a fantastic bunch of gardeners and growers you all are!