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Gardeners and growers! If you’re looking for the best composting, green waste, great plant (and planet!) products, and Northern Nevada gardening resources, tips, and tricks, you’re in the right place!

Every one of those commonly asked questions has an answer, and lucky for you, the answers can be found right here! 

Which of Full Circle’s well-rounded products are best for your type of garden?

Check out our product specs. You’ll be able to find exactly what’s in this good-growing stuff and will learn just how to use it so your plants will grow their very best.


Not sure if it’s the right time to plant those tomato seeds yet?





Get the full scoop on all things growing, composting, and more on our Full Circle Healthy Growing blog.


Need a how-to for all thing planting, seeding, and growing the best garden-fresh produce right in your backyard?

Farmer Craig has plenty of videos showing our Northern Nevada customers exactly how to put your green thumb to good use.

And the best question of all: where the heck can you find all of these magical growing products that Full Circle is composting up?

Find all of our retail locations on the Find Us page. 

Why Compost?

Compost myths? Yeah, they exist and we’ve debunked them for you so you can have all the composting know-how necessary to really be all in with the Compost King

Planting Trees or Shrubs?

In our area, growing trees and shrubs in the native ground soil can be a bit tricky. But, fret not, Full Circle is here to guide you through an easy 4-step process. Check out this one-page resource to make your planting-life a breeze! Guide for Planting Trees & Shrubs.

Clean Your Green

Full Circle is proud to have our waste-hauling partners in South Lake Tahoe, Incline Village and Carson City that allow residents of those areas to send organic waste to our composting site. In order to make the most of these programs, we ask you to keep trash out of the good stuff! Click to learn more about how to CLEAN YOUR GREEN.

Spec Sheets

BOOST – What’s In It?
PUNCH – What’s In It?
SOAR – What’s In It?
KICK – What’s In It?
PROTECT – What’s In It?
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