green waste


Capitalize off of “going green” and help strengthen our region’s sustainability.

Reno-Tahoe businesses send literally TONS of perfectly compostable stuff to landfills. Instead, Full Circle can recycle this organic waste (green waste, food waste, biomass) with a customized program benefitting your business and the environmental health of our entire region.

Green Waste and Food Waste Cannot Be Co-Mingled

As the most involved, established and dedicated commercial composter around, Full Circle is consistently looking to partner with businesses that are serious about reducing the amount of waste they send to the landfill.

We know what to do with “leftovers”— including everything from food waste generated by restaurants and retailers to plant clippings from landscapers to manure from Nevada wild horses.

In addition to keeping this organic waste out of landfills, we transform it into high quality composts and soils packed with nutrients plants love. These all-natural growing products are then used to improve the health, beauty and integrity of environments all throughout the region.

Full Circle’s organic green waste recycling helps businesses not only cut costs and save money up front, but also appeal to new customers and secure loyalty among existing ones — all competitive advantages against rivals. It’s a solid way to capitalize off of “going green” and to be a part of a sustainable solution for the beautiful place we call home.

*Commercial loads only. Personal organic green waste drop-off currently not available.