Retail Products

Hi there! Thanks for checking out our all-natural, enviro-friendly growing products. The results you’ll experience when using Full Circle Soil & Compost’s all-natural products will have you high-fiving your soil-covered hands together and have you thinking, OH SNAP! NOW WE’RE GROWING. We’ve done all the hard, hands-in-the-dirt work for the past 20+ years to ensure you get the products you need to create harmony between plants and the soil they live in—making for one heck of a wildly-productive growing environment. We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for and will soon experience REAL growing with Full Circle Soils & Compost.



Our Signature Compost: The Most Satisfying All-natural Soil Amendment Available (as Voted by Plants Everywhere). A little of this natural compost goes a long way! BOOST the nutritional value of your soil. Each cubic yard of Boost has over 300 pounds of minerals and the wholesome ingredients plants love.





An All-natural Worm “Brew” for Your Plants. This high quality vermicompost is made by our family of hard-working composting worms and contains billions of beneficial microorganisms for your plants to enjoy.




This Potting Mix Gives Your Plants the Confidence to Feel Comfortable in Their Own Bins. This reusable, carefully crafted potting mix is ideal for container planting. Just watch your plants SOAR!




This Mighty Garden Soil is a Real Kick in the Plants. Our nutritious garden soil is perfect for adding nutritious soil to your garden or for raised-bed gardening.




This Fertile Mulch has Superpowers: It Suppresses Weeds, Withstands Wind, Fights Fire and Shields Your Soil. Add texture to your growing area, use less water and Protect your soil. Read All About PROTECT’s Fire Resistant Qualities HERE.



Custom Blends


While we’ve provided you with information for our five staple products, please note that we are one of the only companies on the planet capable and willing to create fully custom blends based on the needs and desires of you, your existing soil and other environmental conditions. For all custom-blend inquiries, simply give us a ring (we’re all ears … just like the abundant corn crops we’ve helped farmers grow plentifully).



Base Products

Beyond our Retail Line of custom, all-natural products, we also offer our customers access to bulk base products. Check these out … we think you’ll agree that Full Circle’s base products offer users a higher quality, a more attractive look and a better feel than offerings from competing companies.

While our retail line is available through a variety of Nevada and California nurseries, home stores and more, our base products are only available by calling or emailing Full Circle directly at 775-267-5305 or info@fullcirclecompost.com.

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Compost (humus)-

Premium compost made from Full Circle’s proprietary composting process that is U.S. Compost Council Seal of Testing Assurance approved. This compost is made from Lake Tahoe- and Nevada-based recycled materials including manure from Nevada’s wild mustangs.

Screened 3/8-inch minus.

$39 per yard

Landscape Soil – Planting Soil

Premium Tahoe Topsoil blended with Tahoe Compost and extra Lake Tahoe recycled organic matter. 

Screened 3/8-inch minus.

$32 per yard

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Potting Mix –


Premium Tahoe Topsoil blended with Tahoe Compost, Full Circle’s signature Lake Tahoe Peat Moss replacement, pumice and rice hulls for a great base potting soil.

$64 per yard

Pine Needles (raw) –

Full-length, clean-screened and de-coned Lake Tahoe pine needles.

$29 per yard

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Wood Chips (raw) –

Clean-screened Lake Tahoe woody biomass.

Screened 3-inch minus.

$24 per yard

Erosion Control Mulches –

Full Circle Soils & Compost offers multiple products to meet the requirements and goals of erosion control and revegetation projects for roadway contractors, city governments, universities, parks departments, landscape architects, homeowners’ associations and many others. The products are different combinations of 3/8-inch compost blended with varying percentages of composted woody materials that range between 3/8’’ to 3’’. Blends follow Caltrans and NDOT specifications and consist of at least 50% of composted indigenous forest debris from the Lake Tahoe Basin. All blends can be customized with site-specific mineral and nutrient packages, which have been proven to dramatically increase plant growth and project success in Nevada and California environments.

Please call 775-267-5305 or email info@fullcirclecompost.com with custom requests.

From $39+ per yard