This is an overview post. For a full, very detailed post on these topics, please see our post: https://fullcirclecompost.com/time-to-seed-or-sod-your-yard-do-it-right-and-easy-with-full-circles-best-compost-in-nevada/ 

Use BOOST To Fertilize Your Lawn

Here’s how to fertilize that yard of yours:

  1. Rake the existing lawn, getting up any of that old dead stuff
  2. Spread 1/4 inch of BOOST as evenly over the lawn as you can
  3. Water! … It’s just that simple

The Best Process to Seed Your Lawn (or Re-Seed)

Let’s get right to it:

  1. Rake existing bare spots across entire desired coverage area
  2. Get a seed spreader and spread those seeds!
  3. Spread 1/4 inch of Full Circle’s BOOST over the seeding area(s)
  4. Watering newly sown seeds: Twice a day, 6 minutes per cycle. If possible, set morning timers to 8:00 AM and afternoon timers at 3:00 PM. Remember, you have to keep the seeds wet for 2 weeks. Then water normally.
  5. Now, get your lawnmower tuned up because you’re about to be trimming your lawn in as little as 3 weeks!

The Best Process to Lay Sod (or Re-sod)

Here we go:

  1. Rake debris out of the desired sodding area
  2. Flatten any aggressive bumps you’re not thrilled about having in your lawn
  3. Spread 1/4 inch of BOOST on soil surface
  4. Lay that sod! Our friends at Bonsai Blue Garden Market in Reno sell premium, locally grown Dayton Valley Turf, check them out!
  5. Watering: Your sod provider will have some tips based on the type of sod you purchased. Most sods will appreciate a good watering 2 times per day

A Note on Raising the Level of Your Soil

If your goal is to raise the level of your soil (for whatever reason it may not be flush with surrounding features), we recommend raising your grade with garden soil (not relying solely on a soil amendment like BOOST). If you’re in the market for this kind of job, try our awesome garden soil, KICK.  Get all your Full Circle products at these local retailers: https://fullcirclecompost.com/find-us/