Nevada landscaping


Make Nevada Landscaping Projects Start Healthy, Stay Efficient and Stun Clients

With Full Circle’s site-specific nutrient packages, your Nevada landscaping project can start off right, stay healthy, be safer, look impeccable, save money and keep flourishing long after the contract is completed.

Whether you’re after lush garden growth or a xeriscaped natural terrain, our all-natural compost, mulches, soils, nutrient mineral packages and other blends maximize efficiency and leave a landscaping legacy, marked by vastly increased plant growth, drought tolerance, water retention, fire resistance, soil health/fertility, erosion control, and more.

Our blends have been approved by various regulatory agencies, such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, CalTrans, NDOT and others.

With a precise and proprietary recipe honed over two decades, our highly aerobic humified composts actually eliminate odor and runoff, use strictly organic local Nevada/Organic feedstock materials and NEVER include bio-solids. Teaming up with Northern Nevada landscaping pros to create, shape, repair, and restore terrain — from university campuses and neighborhoods to parks, roadways, and beyond — has allowed us to custom-craft strong, highly-productive blends that make landscapes thrive, exceed regulatory requirements and leave clients far beyond satisfied.