Every year, Full Circle Compost is proud to partner with many nonprofits, schools, community gardens, municipalities, and many others across northern Nevada. We offer them amazing Nevada-made soils and composts to help community-centric, Mother Nature-friendly projects grow in our arid climate. Among many of these exciting projects, the community is able to come together and get familiar with organic materials recycling, food security, and how to grow BIG in Nevada! 

Here are some of the awesome partnerships we made in 2021 and the plantastic projects each of them worked on.


Somersett Community Garden

In 2021, Full Circle worked with the West Park Community Garden group in the beautiful community of Somersett. The group’s goal was to establish a large food production program for the residents of Somersett, somewhere where they could grow and harvest fresh vegetables and gather as a community. 

The plan resulted in a garden including 50 raised beds filled with Full Circle’s KICK Garden Soil through a donation discount program. The garden was a hit, the vegetables were fresh, and that community came together like never before!

Check out all that the Somersett Community Garden is up to here.


Pyramid Paiute Tribe Garden

As you head to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation, Nixon houses a Hoop House and Orchard where they grow fresh fruits and vegetables on the reservation land. During the 2021 growing season, Full Circle donated our all-natural compost to help the Hoop House and Orchard get some much needed organic matter in the soil out in Nixon. Some added natural material helped their garden thrive this season!


Carson City Parks

Full Circle did a donated compost test at Sonoma Park in Carson City, NV to see the effect of compost on turf for a local dog park. The results were great! 

What’s so great about working with partners in Carson City is that so much of the residential yard waste that gets composted here at Full Circle comes right from the Carson City residents. Carson City Parks saw increased organic matter and turf resiliency all because of the compost that was made from the materials right in their backyards, right from their own green waste. Now that’s what we call full circle!

Check out all that Carson City Parks is up to here.


Hope Springs

Hope Springs is northern Nevada’s first bridge-housing community. Located at 1920 E 4th St near downtown Reno, Hope Springs fills a hole in the northern Nevada housing continuum, providing safe, dignified housing for the most disenfranchised members of our community.

Full Circle jumped in to help their cause this year by donating our all-natural, Nevada-made compost and mulches to help Hope Springs grow fresh, nutritious food for their housing project. 

Check out all that Hope Springs is up to at nnhopes.org/hopesprings.


Urban Roots

Full Circle Compost has been a long supporter of the education gardening program going on over at Urban Roots. Urban Roots, a local nonprofit, is mission-driven to grow healthy minds, bodies, and communities through garden education. The nonprofit is founded on the idea that food is a powerful tool for academic and nutrition education when it’s fully integrated into the classroom and accessible to the community. Serving primarily in northern Nevada, Urban Roots has a history of bringing agricultural-based education to our community, children, and to the educators who teach them. 

Full Circle has filled their 2nd St Education Farm with KICK Garden Soil and custom soil blends for awesome garden nutrition through our donation discount programs. They’ve used funds and Full Circle products to start school gardens all over Nevada. You can find some of their education-based gardens at Dodson Elementary School, Cold Springs Middle School, Lemmon Valley Elementary School, Vaughn Middle School, Smithridge Elementary, and Hidden Valley Elementary School. In 2021, we donated even more product than ever before to be used at new projects planned for 2022 and also gave $2500 cash to help fund daily operations at Urban Roots.

Check out all that Urban Roots is up to at urgc.org.


Soulful Seeds

Soulful Seeds is a local grassroots nonprofit that focuses on providing healthy food to some of our vulnerable community, including food pantries and homeless populations. It’s essential that this program has healthy, nutrient-rich soil for our intensive growing efforts. 

This year, Soulful Seeds relied on Full Circle products to ensure they were growing in good, quality soil. We helped by filling the community garden next to St. Mary’s Regional Health Facility with our powerful and all-natural KICK Garden Soil … and the growth is awesome! Another big project off of Glendale in Sparks, the Our Place Community Garden, is also in the works to provide food for a large section of Reno’s population. Let’s grow, let’s feed! 

Check out all that Soulful Seeds is up to at soulful-seeds.com.


We just can’t get enough of this community-gathering, garden-loving stuff being shared all across northern Nevada!