A proud and certified Made in Nevada member, our focus is rooted in the soil, knowing that underneath the surface is where growing success starts. We don’t just believe this; we know it—it’s natural science. By replenishing the soil with the natural ingredients it needs to sustain a healthy ecosystem, plants enjoy everything they need to happily produce bountiful harvests. Our products work naturally with the soil to create a fruitful partnership with the plants that live there.

Launched by an ambitious farmer named Craig after receiving his degrees in Agriculture and Soil Microbiology, Full Circle Soils & Compost has been fine-tuning its recipe for enviro-friendly, all-natural Nevada compost for 20+ years. By understanding the biology, listening to what plants want and pouring endless care into our products, we’ve embarked on a green mission to replenish the Earth with healthy, satisfying soil and Nevada compost.

With Full Circle Soils & Compost you’ll give your plants what they like and they’ll give you what you like: fragrant flowers, sweet fruits and nutrient-dense vegetables.


made in nevada compost
nevada compost
nevada compost

What other product out there delivers results you’ll experience with all five senses?

  • Results you will TASTE (become buds again with your taste buds)
  • Results you will SEE (colors so vibrant you’ll need sunglasses)
  • Results you will SMELL (catch the seducing smells of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables)
  • Results you will FEEL (enjoy nutrient-dense fruits and veggies grown in our rich, wholesome planting products and you’ll feel more vibrant, more energetic, more whole)
  • Results you will HEAR (we may sound weird, but healthy plants talk to us … OK, mostly nonverbally)


Dane Buk

Owner (Mover-Shaker) – Full Circle Soils & Compost

Dane Buk, owner, head inspiration and worker bee, started in Jackson Hole, Wyoming 17 years ago to “live the dream.” Launching his landscape design firm, Terra Firma Landscape, in 1998, Buk quickly realized how challenging it was to grow in western landscape soils and decided to find a solution. His curiosity came by birthright—dad is an agriculturalist—and naturally led Buk into the complex world of soil science. After spending years perfecting the right kind of blends, composts and mulches for his clients, Buk founded Terra Firma Organics. Buk purchased Full Circle Soils & Compost in 2018. A full article can be found here: Compost Expansion Strategy

Cody Witt

Northern Nevada Manager (Strategic Everything) – Full Circle Soils & Compost

Cody Witt helps manage and operate Full Circle Soil & Compost in Carson City, Nevada. His title, “Strategic Everything,” pays hommage to his ability to manage the majority of the business operations at Full Circle from the smallest product sale to large project administration. He also creates “Full Circle” environmental networks where partners help to establish a fully sustainable community of suppliers and producers through organic materials recycling, soil fertility program implementation, sustainable food and medicine production, and education. Cody Witt is a fifth generation Nevada farmer who completed his MBA and multiple undergraduate degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Craig Witt

Chief Soil Scientist (Soilmixologist) – Full Circle Soils & Compost

Farmer Craig Witt is a fourth generation Nevada Dairyman with 25+ years experience as a soil and compost mixologist. When he could not find high quality, all-natural, soil fertility solutions for his own farm, he created Full Circle Soils & Compost to achieve this need. He journeyed across the world learning soil fertility methodologies from top sustainable soil scientists and blended them into his own unique, holistic, and simple methodology. Full Circle has grown over the years to one of the largest Northern Nevada compost operations producing premium compost, soil, and mulch products. He specializes in the mineralization of compost and soil products creating fully custom “super soils” and comprehensive soil amendments to meet the needs and goals of growers.