erosion control


Powerful Integrated Blends For Erosion Control, Stimulation For Plant Growth, and Rehabilitation of Disrupted Areas

Full Circle Soils & Compost was among the first compost suppliers to offer custom blends to meet the requirements and goals of erosion control and revegetation efforts for a wide range of large-scale commercial (private and municipal) projects.

Our blends integrate different proportions of fine and coarse composted materials with site-specific nutrient packages suited for the unique desired outcomes, existing soil conditions and application challenges your project calls for.

Our blends have been approved by various regulatory agencies, such as the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, CalTrans, NDOT and others.

Partnering on numerous commercial projects — such as roadways, parks, conservation efforts, wildland rehabilitations, and more — has allowed us to tailor result-generating blends of fine compost, uniformly-sized composted wood-overs and custom nutrient mineral packages.

It’s our custom proportions, carefully composted materials and expertise in soil nutrition analysis that allow us to work with the existing area’s environment to reach desired short- and long-term results—which go far beyond the specs of most regulatory agencies — again and again.