Be a Full Circle-er!


You throw every used soda can, water bottle, and recyclable container in that big green can with the blue lid–you’re a RECYCLER! Every spring you’re thrilled to get that green thumb working once again and grow your own fruits and vegetables–you’re a GARDENER! 

Those mindful and green efforts don’t slip your mind, do they? But are you going the full circle with your green-friendly actions? We are! And we’ll teach you exactly how you can help and be full circle right along with us.


Full Circle Goes The Full Circle

Here at Full Circle Soils & Compost, we’re proud to be one of Northern Nevada’s largest organic materials recyclers. We help save Mother Earth every single day by going the full circle and keeping organic materials like leaves, tree branches, grass clippings, wood, pine needles, agricultural products, manures, and many other items out of the landfill.

In fact, in 2019, Full Circle recycling efforts were all about composting, and last year we composted 50,000,000 lbs of materials! Wow, now that’s a whole lot of green waste not wasted.

Our 50,000,000 lbs of leaves, tree branches, grass clippings, wood, pine needles, agricultural products, and manures equaled over 25,000 tons–almost 60,000 cubic yards of materials. That’s as much as 11,745 Tesla Model S filled with clowns. Or as much as a football field full of 28 ft high of 7-Layer Bean Dip. Now that’s a lot of compost!

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Not only is this a huuuugeeee amount of material, it’s also equivalent to taking 33,000 cars off the road in CO2 emissions based on the EPA’s (WARM) waste reduction model. What does this mean for our sweet Mother Earth? Less pollution, cleaner air, and a healthier, green environment.


How Do We Go Full Circle?

OK, so all those Teslas full of clowns, that football field field filled with delicious 7-Layer Bean Dip, how did we do it? How did we go full circle? 

Well, all of those leaves, tree branches, grass clippings, wood, pine needles, agricultural products, manures, and those other items we kept out of the landfill, those materials are all combined in very specific recipes and processed through Full Circle’s proprietary composting process to make amazing humus based compost. 

Not only is our compost good for the planet, but it’s great for your gardens here in Northern Nevada too. This compost is then used in many other products such as garden soils, potting mixes, and Nevada mulches. All of which can help our local community grow happy and healthy.

Once all of these materials are broken down into our amazing humus-based compost, this compost brings necessary nutrients and organic matter to native Nevada soils. Native Nevada soils with extra (and necessary) nutrients and organic matter allow Nevada home-growers to grow big, lush, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. 

That’s right! That biggest Nevada tomatoes you’ve ever seen. 

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Full Circle is Nevada’s only US Compost Council Seal Of Testing Assurance approved composting process, and the results show!


Grow Your Own Nevada Garden And Go Full Circle Too!

Don’t you want to be part of this full circle movement too? You can, and we’d love to have you board!

Here’s how you can do it.


1. Recycle and Compost

When we think of recycling, we usually think of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Keep up those recycling efforts if you’re already on board the recycling train, but there’s much more you could be recycling!

Green waste can also be recycled and composted to make nutrient-rich stuff that gardens love. 

Green waste? What’s that? Farmer Craig will tell ya.


Once that green waste is recycled and composted, it’s turned into an organic material with the help of soil-dwelling microbes. The decomposed materials generate nutrients that plants need for healthy growing. It’s nature’s way of recycling, if you ask us!

Here at Full Circle, we compost those green waste materials, but you can do it yourself at home too. Check out our Composting Guide for Beginners and get composting!

Grow A Healthy Nevada Garden

Now that you’ve got that nutrient-rich compost that your garden will love, it’s time to put that healthy stuff to use, right in your own home garden.

At Full Circle, we transform those green waste products into five kinds of Full Circle products. There’s BOOST, PUNCH, SOAR, KICK, and PROTECT. Check them all out!

full circle products  full circle productsfull circle products


full circle productsfull circle products


Give them to your garden, to your flowers, to your lawn, and to your trees and watch those plants flourish!


Put That Garden Waste To Use!

Gardening this spring? What about all that green waste you’re going to see come from your garden, from your yard, and from your trees? Compost it, of course! 

By recycling and composting, using those recycled materials and putting them back into your Northern Nevada soil and garden, and then recycling that green waste once again you’re completing the FULL circle! 

Way to go Full Circle-er! 


Full Circle Products, Nevada Soils Favorite Stuff!

Get any of our Full Circle products at our local retailers and complete the full circle yourself!

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