Is it possible to get 300 lbs of tomatoes off of only four plants in one 4ft x 4ft raised bed? Is it possible to grow huge tomatoes in Nevada? Both–totally doable! Even if you’re not a seasoned green thumb–even if you DON’T have a greenhouse.

Want to know our tomato-growing secret? Here’s how we do!

KICK Up Your Tomato Growth!

We’ll let you in on our little secret.

The Northern Nevada climate can sure be a tricky one when it comes to growing and gardening, but if you have the right tools, vibrant, nutrient-rich soil, and our little secret, then you’re sure to get that green thumb yourself.

OK here it is, how did we grow 300 lbs of huge tomatoes in Nevada, all inside a 4 x 4 raised bed? KICK!

Kick is an all-natural, mighty, and nutrient-rich outdoor gardening soil. It’s filled with nothing yucky and everything good–a real KICK in the plants if we do say so ourselves.

This good-for-plants garden soil works best when added to your garden or used in raised garden beds, and is exactly what was used in our 4 x 4 raised beds to grow these bad boys!

What Else Can You KICK Into Growing Good?

Impress plant growing doesn’t stop there! Aside from growing some of the biggest, juiciest tomatoes Nevada has ever seen, Kick gardening soil is great for any type of garden growing.

Use Kick when:

  • You’re looking for heavier, nutrient-dense, standalone soil
  • Some raised bed or mound gardening is in your plans
  • Adding soil to your already lush garden
  • You simply want full, healthy, happy plants!

Grow Huge Tomatoes in Nevada

300lbs of them from just four plants to be exact! We’re giving you a step-by-step guide for growing this many–this lush–tomatoes in our stubborn Nevada climate.

You can grow an awesome garden this year by filling your raised beds with KICK Garden Soil, planting plants, watering, and becoming a garden god. here’s how:

Step 1

Build a 4ft x 4ft raised bed 12 inches deep. Use any scrap wood you have. As long as it stays together, you’re good to go.

Step 2

Fill that bed with 8 inches of Full Circle’s KICK Garden Soil (leave room for drenching with water).

Step 3

Plant 4 baby tomato plants. Need an easy planting guide for growing tomatoes in Nevada? Click Here.  

Be sure to grow awesome heirloom tomatoes that grow like crazy here in Nevada. We suggest:

  • Northern Lights
  • Mexico
  • Juaquian Jewel
  • Striped German

300 Off 4 Plants Begin | Grow Huge Tomatoes Nevada
4 Tomatoes | One 4×4 Bed | Full Circle Glory About To Begin

Step 4

Cover soil with 1 inch of PROTECT to hold water and keep the soil happy. Fill that bed with 2-3 inches of water for a full soak only once every 3-4 days (“flood style” because KICK and PROTECT will hold water awesomely).

300 lbs Off 4 Plants Mid | Grow Huge Tomatoes Nevada | Full Circle Soils and Compost
4 plants on their way to being 10-foot-tall producers!

Step 5

BOOST with 1/4 inch of Full Circle’s BOOST twice during the growing season (about every 6-8 weeks). Even though KICK has enough nutrients to grow awesome for an entire growing season, you’re growing 4 hungry (and BIG) tomato plants, and they’re going to love eating up nutrients. So, replenish with BOOST.

That’s it! Now you’re set to grow huge tomatoes in Nevada (and anywhere really).

Happy growing.

Get KICK For Your Garden

Ready to KICK your tomato-growing into gear? Get your Full Circle KICK at these retailers: fullcirclecompost.com/find-us