full circle soils and compost

It’s halfway through the summer and your garden needs to recharge. Here are some quick tips to keep your garden ship-shape before harvest.

For the LAWN:

  1. Remove all the weeds.

  2. Mow lawn as needed.

  3. Redistribute lawn clipping across area.

  4. Add 1/4 inch of BOOST all over the lawn and water it in.

  5. Water lawn with 1 1/2-2 inches of water PER WEEK.

  6. Watch your lawn green up and hold more water in the hot summer months!


Full Circle Soils and Compost

Garden Patch

  1. Inspect for disease and insect damage

  2. Add 1/4 inch of BOOST to the soil surface of your garden to BOOST mid-summer nutrition.

  3. Add 1 inch of PROTECT on top of the BOOST to hold in extra moisture

  4. Water 1-2 inches “flood irrigation style”

  5. Watch your garden grow really grow for the rest of the summer!


For more information on midsummer garden maintenance, check out last week’s blog post!

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