Pass Those Leftovers … to your Compost Heap! How to Have a Green, Sustainable Thanksgiving

The whole team here at Full Circle Soils & Compost hopes your Thanksgiving is happy, friend-and-family-filled, delicious … but also sustainable, garden-friendly and minimally wasteful!

According to WorldWatch Institute, not only do we meal-loving Americans normally trash ⅓ of the food we produce, but we also ramp up our quantity of food waste threefold between Turkey Day and New Year’s.

Check out Begin With The Bin’s  Super Cool Infographic to see the best ways to compost Thanksgiving leftovers and dispose of all kinds of scraps, packages and food items–from turkey and yams to boxes and cans, and beyond!

Another great option to let you have a sustainable Thanksgiving is to plan your meal accordingly. If you do not have too much food, you can eliminate the need to throw away or compost left overs. To help combat Thanksgiving waste, Personal Creations has recently put together an easy-to-use sustainable Thanksgiving Food Planning Calculator. Allowing for everything from the number of guests to type of food served, this guide will help your readers plan a perfect, waste-free feast: http://www.personalcreations.com/blog/thanksgiving-food-planning-calculator

To learn more about how you can help boost green waste diversion in Nevada, visit our blogs about it right here!

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