Like people (as well as dogs, cows, wild burros and a few other things), plants get thirsty. Nevada gardening in a heat wave during a drought when you’re trying to save water presents a conflict. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Especially when you use products that hold around three times as much moisture as the common stuff. Luckily, we happen to know of some…

First, let’s talk baout water retention. Simply put, it refers to how much moisture stays in something versus how much either gets zapped up by Mean Ol’ Mister Sun or trickles off to some other spot. Sponges, for example, have high water retention. Buckets with holes in them do not. When it comes to holding moisture, not all materials are created equally.

It’s the same with soil. In fact, soil is very “materialistic” (but we love it anyway). Many folks buy light mulches, soil blends with skimpy ingredients, or even just plain old dirt. Water retention-wise, those products are far closer to Swiss cheese bucket territory than sponge.

By contrast, we take our garden soil (Kick), potting mix (Soar), and mulch (Protect) and pack each one with more fortifying minerals and locally-sourced biomass than you can shake a watering can at. We make our products tough by using only real, organic ingredients that are naturally talented at sticking together and absorbing moisture while letting plants breathe and feast on the tastiest compost and nutrients. We’ll spare you the advanced biology and just say we do “dense” the smart way. (Don’t worry; your plants understand.)

Each of our products is different and does something pretty darn special, but what they share is their dedication to saving your precious resources. Because while triple-digit temperatures are great for smoking fish, unfortunately, we don’t grow smoked fish in our gardens. Our plants and vegetables need water, the sworn enemies of which are drought and dry heat.

So beat this heat, flout this drought and save your Nevada gardening efforts. Pick up some of our all-natural soil products that are about three times as effective at retaining water (and at least three times as awesome) as the common stuff.