Back in December, we held a story contest to honor some good folks doing great things with our products. The prize? A wheelbarrow full of garden goodies destined to the most vote-catching submission. Many of you entered stories and many of you voted. (Awesome!)

We LOVED all the fantastic responses from green-thumbers, up-and-comers, educators & beyond. And we look forward to celebrating you intrepid hands-in-the-dirt types by sharing your experience, tales, and tips for growing healthy and growing happy … the Full Circle way!

The Contest

First off, thanks again to everyone who shared, voted or participated in our Holiday Giveaway / Featured Grower Contest! Just before Christmas, “Santa” Craig knew he’d have an absolute blast wheeling our barrow full of goodies to our contest winner, Jay Quiggle in Sparks, NV!

As he does when he gets excited, Craig went a little wild. So what was intended to be a delivery of a wheelbarrow simply full of prizes ended up being a wheelbarrow absolutely overflowing with Nevada gardening awesomeness–from Full Circle products and swag to home-canned goodies and 6 heirloom seed packages. (See below for the whole manifest!)

Santa Craig presents Jay with his bundle of garden goodies.

Santa Craig presents Jay with his bundle of garden goodies.

Better Than Milk & Cookies

Who needs milk and cookies?

Who needs milk and cookies?

But then (soon-to-be) First Ever Full Circle Featured Grower Jay Quiggle pulled the ol’ switch-a-roo and surprised Santa Craig with a gift of his own … no, not milk and cookies; seeds from two homegrown pumpkins, 100-pounds and 350-pounds a piece!

This year, Jay plans to Full Circle-ify his pumpkins and get them even BIGGER.

Farmer Craig graciously accepted both the seeds AND Jay’s challenge to a 2016 pumpkin growing contest.

Stay tuned for an exciting 2016 full of delicious Nevada gardening!

What’s In That Wheelbarrow?

  • santacraig22 bags Boost
  • 2 bags Protect
  • 2 bags Soar
  • 1 pint Punch
  • 1 pint Farmer Craig’s Yellow Tomato Catsup
  • 1 really good looking full circle soils and compost t­-shirt
  • 1 “antique” (aka rusty) old wheelbarrow
  • 6 Heirloom Seed Starter Packages saved from Farmer Craig’s Carson Valley Garden

Seed Starter Packages:

  1. Ponderosa sel Oro Tomato. (Uncle Joe might approve). A beautiful round paste tomato with very long story shelf life. Great for salsa and sauce.
  2. Amethyst Cream Cherry Tomato. Cherry tomato with an incredible unique sweet flavor, starting out blue and turning a rich yellow with blue shoulders when ripe.
  3. Gooseberry Cherry Tomato. A large yellow cherry tomato with sweet flavor. It is great for fresh eating and cutting in quarters for salads.
  4. Brandywine Beefsteak Potato-leafed Tomato. Saved from a 1.5 pound tomato with incredible flavor great for the best BLT sandwich on the planet.
  5. Big Jim New Mexico chili pepper. Grown by Farmer Craig for years, this 3-foot-tall plant can grow peppers up to 8 inches in length. Quite spicy & beautiful for making salsa. They get hotter and hotter the longer you leave them on the vine but can be used green or when they just turn red.
  6. Winter Squash. Grown from Heirloom seeds from Baker Creek. Had deep orange flesh that was very sweet with green skin about 3 pounds each. Yumm.

Want to be (or nominate) the next Full Circle Featured Grower? Gardeners, growers, educators, and any plant-focused folks encouraged–whether just budding or well-seasoned. Write to info@fullcirclecompost.com and tell us the dirt!