We’re beating the heat during this record-beating summer, and your plants need the same! As the mid-summer hits, gardening and the growing is underway. The hot sun can be killer out there, and all of our plants are using every ounce of energy to keep a steady pace. At the peak of growing season, plants will begin to feel the heat, the pressure and the utter exhaustion from growing at such an outstanding rate. Just as marathon runners need rest days and an excellent nutritional regimen, plants require recharging methods to supplement their food intake.

As gardeners, we act as the coaches on the sidelines, keeping our plants well-fed and hydrated (and occasionally giving them a little pep talk!). Keep your plants growing strong during these most strenuous months and see your garden excel through the final stretch.

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Fuel Your Plants For the Finish Line

While it is important to begin every planting season with a top-notch, all-natural soil, that first layer won’t be enough to keep your plants happy all summer. Just like runners, your plants are soaking up A LOT of nutrients, and it won’t be long before the soil is depleted and plants need to recharge. If a runner only ate one nutrient-dense meal a week, odds are their performance would taper off pretty quickly. Replenish the soil with nutrient-rich, natural soils like Full Circle’s Boost.  Each cubic yard of Full Circle’s Boost contains over 300 pounds of minerals and wholesome ingredients plants need to stay healthy and maintain consistent growth. Add a thick layer on top of your soil and your plants will thank you with bountiful fruits and veggies.


Beat the Heat

Keep your soil evenly moist with drip or irrigation systems. Learn more about the right drip systems for your soil type here. If you don’t have a drip system, make sure to water regularly in the mornings and evenings.To prevent drought resistance, use Full Circle’s Protect in your garden. This fertile mulch is easily broken down by plants for better nutrient absorption.Our high-desert sun can be a real scorcher, so also be sure to keep your leafy greens well-shaded during times of extreme heat. 


Brown Lawn Got You Down?

Many lawns, especially bluegrass, fescues and ryegrass, naturally dry out during high-heat in the summer. Don’t panic! Slow, consistent watering is still helpful and will keep your lawn alive, though it may not be as green as it was in the spring. While you may feel the urge to force your lawn back to life with lots of water, refrain from wasting water and give your lawn about 2 inches of water per week. Once the heat diminishes your lawn will be back to its green old self.


The Need to Weed

Treat your garden to regular weeding. Cut back overgrown plants that may have dry or withering outer leaves or are too big to handle their own weight. Finish off your thorough weeding with Full Circle’s Protect. This superpower shields your soil from wind and weeds, while also preventing fires.


If you have tips of your own to share, or if you just want to talk with us about compost, mulch or gardening, give us a call or write us! We’re always excited to talk with fellow garden enthusiasts.