With the recent April showers (and sunny days just around the corner), we’re all eager to get our hands in the ground and finally start gardening. But not so fast! Let’s take a quick look around backyard to make sure your garden is fully prepped to receive new plants. Here are three last minute to-do’s before digging in.

  1. Shade Kills!  Common garden staples, like tomato plants and pepper plants, need every drop of sunlight they can get to grow to their full potential. Larger, bully shade-hogs (like overbearing tree branches, trampolines, or new fences) can get in the way. Take a look around your garden throughout the day, and see how often it’s bathed in sunlight. Make sure your garden is free of branch overhang, rooftop shadows, or anything else that may prevent your new babies from soaking up the sun.
  2. Curiosity Killed the Garden. The mark of a new season, the scent of budding potential. There is nothing quite like carving out the first hole into fresh, organic soil. But you aren’t the only one champing at the bit to dig in. Pets LOVE fresh soil (dogs for one reason, and cats for quite another). It’s not their nature to be careful as they relieve their curiosity. Even if you had a garden last year, remember to re-introduce your furry pals to all the new and exciting sights, smells, and textures to avoid a disaster after planting.
  3. Ready, Set, Garden! Now that your garden is prepped and your pets are acclimated,  it’s time to head down to your nursery and stock up on Full Circle’s soils and compost. The last thing you want to do is have to make another run to the store after you are already elbows-deep in gardening. Full Circle is happy to announce we’re easier to find than ever. Our full line of all natural products are available at most Northern Nevada Raley’s! Call your neighborhood Raley’s to make sure they’ve received their delivery. Don’t have a Raley’s near you? For a list of our distributors, click here!

Here’s to a wildly productive 2016. Happy gardening!

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