It’s Cold! Grow Stuff Inside. 

Although we defied that USDA-predicted Sept. 25 garden-ending freeze for a whole extra month, the snow showed up and it’s finally getting cold! But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep growing… you might just have to take the party inside! Here are some handy tips to get your indoor grow on.

Indoor Gardening / Winter Growing Tip #395 … Punch Spray Bottles

Want to keep your indoor plants happy all winter long? While you sip on your hot cocoa or chamomile tea or peppermint latte, give your plants their favorite beverage: our microbe-rich and biologically delicious liquid worm compost, PUNCH!

  1. Locate a standard 20 oz spray bottle
  2. Make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned
  3. Drop in about 3 teaspoons (.5 fluid oz) of PUNCH
  4. Fill it up with water
  5. Shake it up
  6. Spritz your indoor plants once every two weeks (spray leaves, water roots)
  7. Watch those things take off!