Winter means many things to many people. Shredding “gnar-gnar fluff-fluff” up on the ski hill … powering through HBO series to catch up with society … working your way through whatever goodies you canned back at harvest time … just to name a few. And that’s all fun and games. But when you’re into growing healthy and happy, winter pretty much means one thing:


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Are you pumped for a great, green growing season? So are our good pals at the University of Nevada. We’ve been working with UNR for 5 years on a variety of large-scale green waste diversion, green waste recycling, and all-natural soil fertility projects. Here’s a look at how we’re getting them ready for a verdant, fruitful spring right now!

Lush Life: Soil Sampling for Spring Turf Reseeding

A week and a half ago we showed up on campus, as we do every year around this time, to take samples in preparation for UNR’s annual turf reseeding, our ongoing quest to keep the UNR campus the “truly green”-est one in Nevada–the all-natural way!

And every year we are more amazed and proud of how much easier that gets. Our telltale? Smack dab in the “dead” of winter, surrounded by frozen ground all around, our probe just slips right into UNR’s soil. It didn’t used to be that way. But after five years of proper treatment with our all-natural, earth-loving custom soil amendments, the stuff is softer than a baby’s rear-end wrapped in chinchilla velvet!


Wintertime soil samplin’ at UNR. 5 years of Full Circle and the probe slides right in that soft all-natural earth!

Right now, the signs are good that we’ve got a truly green springtime heading UNR’s way, with the makings of some strong, lush, all-natural turf that should stay healthy and look good and ready clear on through to Commencement family photo / graduate selfie-snapping season!

Here’s a peek at how things looked last year …

UNR Quad Results Using Full Circle Soils & Compost Custom Turf Blend.

UNR Quad Results Using Full Circle Soils & Compost Custom Turf Blend.


The Thompson building turf never looked so green!

The Thompson building turf never looked so green!

Let’s hear it for the Grass of 2016!