Challenge Yourself! Gain Your Green Thumb Growing Belt


Everyone loves a challenge, and as a gardener in the making, we know you’ll love conquering Level 1 of Full Circle’s Growing Challenge and far surpass your own expectations as a gardener and grower!

Are you someone who’s antsy to get gardening but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe your love for house plants is blooming but your house plants just … aren’t. If this sounds like you and you’re ready to turn your black thumb into a green one, Level 1 is just the place to start!

Come on grower, you can do it, you’ve just got to learn the basics. And here at Full Circle, we’re here to teach and challenge you to do just that!


Plants Really Just Need The Basics

Listen up. Plants want to live, it’s kind of their favorite thing to do. And in order to keep them alive, they really just need the basics. 

The basics … what the heck are those? Well, when you think about it, plants and humans aren’t so different after all. We both thrive off the basics:

  • Nutrients to help us grow and keep us full of energy
  • Water to quench our thirst and keep us healthy
  • And a nice cozy place to call home!


For us, these basics entail quality food, water, and our need for a safe, warm place to live. For plants, these basics are quality, nutrient-dense soil, water, and lots of warm sunlight!

See? The basics can be simple, you’ve got this! Let’s get you that green thumb growing belt.


Start With Great Soil

All thriving plants need a healthy, nutrient-rich place to grow big and tall. This is where it all starts, where the roots take hold and the plant begins to grow, grow, grow … soil!

Different plants live different lives. While some thrive outdoors in the ground, others love to live the indoor potted lifestyle. With each type of plant growing in their own unique place comes specialized soils and growing materials just for them.

No need to let soil selection intimidate you. Here at Full Circle Soils & Compost, we have all the growing good stuff your plants need (and will love)!

We categorize our nutrient-rich soils into three different products: KICK, BOOST, and SOAR!


KICK is our garden soil made of 4 topsoils, blended with our premium humus based compost, and a 50 lb (20 ingredient) all-natural mineral and nutrient package. 

Use KICK for … 

  • Your raised garden beds
  • Big planters
  • Backfilling trees and shrubs
  • Building new landscaping and gardening mounds


SOAR is our potting mix that has a base of premium peat moss and pumice, is blended with our humus based compost, and is a 100 lb (20 ingredient) all-natural mineral and nutrient package.

Use SOAR for … 

  • Indoor and outdoor potted and container plants
  • Planting in wine barrels
  • Starting your seeds
  • Your smart pots


BOOST is our do-everything soil amendment. This premium humus based compost is made up of a 100 lb (20 ingredient) mineral and nutrient package specific to Nevada soils. BOOST is meant to spread lightly and evenly on top of your outdoor growing surfaces.

Use BOOST for your … 

  • Lawn
  • Garden
  • Flowers
  • Landscape
  • Shrubs
  • Trees


You should always invest in quality soil for your plant friends, and Full Circle has everything you need to do just that. Just visit one our fellow growing-loving distributors across northern Nevada for the Full Circle product you (and your plants) need!


Water, Water, Water … Just Enough

It’s safe to say that water can be one of the trickiest basics, but we’re here to give you that green thumb know-how. Our little green guy friends can be quite sensitive to the amount of water they get and the frequency of that water so let’s go over the basics:

The best way to tell if plants need a drink is to push your finger an inch down into that plant’s soil. Is it try? It’s time to water. If the soil is damp, skip the water and let your plant be!

Yep, it really can be that simple. You’re that much closer to earning your green thumb growing belt, go you!

Here’s some more watering tips to make your watering game strong and your plants as happy as can be.

  • Water your outdoor plants in the morning. A full day of water absorption and sunshine allows for your outdoor plants to get the most out of their watering days.
  • Focus on the roots of your plants. The roots are what suck up and utilize the water you’re giving your plant, so focus your water-giving at the root.
  • Don’t overwater. Like we said, use your finger to test the dampness of your soil and don’t water when your plants don’t need it. If you’re watering your outdoor plants and know rainfall is on the horizon, skip your watering or give your plants less water than normal.
  • Good drainage is key. Plants don’t want to drown (And really, who could blame them?). If your plants live in a container without good drainage, roots can suffocate and rot. Make sure your soil has proper drainage.
  • Give your plants a check up. It’s important to check in on the health of your plants. If you’re seeing no growth, reassess your watering habits. Identify overwatering by yellow leaves, stinky, mushy, odor-filled soil, or fungus gnats. Identify under-watering by droopy, thirty looking leaves.


Sun Rays For Thriving Plants

If you hid in a dark, sunless room all day long, how would you shine? You couldn’t, and your plants act just the same! Proper lighting is essential for your plant’s livelihood–they literally eat the sun … ever heard of photosynthesis?

For outdoor plants, finding proper sunlight can be an easier task. Make sure that the spot your plant will call home can get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. This means staying away from areas that are shaded for all of (or most of) the day, places that are covered most of the day, and spots with indirect sunlight.

When it comes to indoor plants, sunlight might be tricky depending on your setup. The foolproof way to get your plants enough sunlight? Put them in the window. Plants thrive in direct sunlight, and more often than not, when a plant is indoors it means a nice, big, sun-filled window.


Earn Your Green Thumb Growing Belt

Ultimately, you’re the parent to all your plant pals, and you’re here to turn your black thumb into a green one. Watch them, get to know them, spend time with them–no one will know them better than you!

Let us know how Level 1 of Full Circle’s Growing Challenge goes for you, and earn that green thumb growing belt for your plants! They sure will thank you.