We learned as kids that plants just take a little water and a little sunshine and presto, they magically produce delicious tomatoes and corn and food for the world … well, turns out it’s a little more involved than that. We don’t need to go into a PhD-level biology discussion here, but let’s agree that—just like us—plants get hungry and thirsty. When they do, they rely on their roots to find what they want to eat and drink from the soil beneath them.

Our all-natural planting products make sure the soil is like a delicious pantry, filled with everything the plant needs (and wants) to consume. Also, our enviro-friendly products help the soil system naturally replenish the pantry; it’s complicated, but healthy soil attracts a team of goodguy bacteria and fungi that produce the nutrients plants like to eat. Our all-natural planting products provide you with the complete biological package needed to create and sustain healthy soil for your plants to live in. When your plants have a cozy, nutrient-rich soil pantry to work with, they happily produce an abundance of brilliant flowers, sweet fruits and nutritious vegetables.

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