Did you know tomato plants can grow roots from far up their stalks? You bet they can, so bury them deep! First, if you’re growing your tomatoes in the ground, massage that soil! Break up the soil “Amish style,” with no rototillers or machines. Get our your spade or shovel and just push it in 6-12 inches deep and give your soil a little poke. You do not want to turn over the topsoil. The top 6 inches is where the biological love happens. That is why it’s called topsoil.

Next, put that tomato plant in the ground. Remember, bury it deep because the tomato plant will grow roots far up the stalk (how far depends on the size of the tomato you are planting). Don’t suffocate the poor girl; just be sure and bury its stalk deeper in the ground than you might other plants. Now your tomato plant will be anchored in the ground and sprout more roots, which means it has a better ability to extract food, water and nutrients from the ground!

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