Scientifically, “compost” isn’t even a thing. “Composting” is the name of the process. And, if done correctly, “humus” is the name of the end product (not the humus you dip pita chips in … a different kind of humus). See, composting is a microbially-driven process that breaks down organic matter—like cow and horse poop—and then builds that material into humus, thus making it truly and immediately available for plants to use. Overall, scientists have identified as many as 1,000 different benefits from humus in the soil! So, no, cow and horse poop is not “compost” or “humus.” It’s the organic material that can be digested by microbes to become “humus.” We know it can be confusing. Because most people refer to “humus” as “compost,” we’re OK with calling the end product “compost” too.

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