Every now and then we’ll share some nitty gritty tips with you to try out in your garden, in your yard and around your house. Depending on the time of year, we’ll aim to give you something useful to compliment all that you’re trying when it comes to growing in Nevada. Let’s have some fun.

In this post, we’re talking tomatoes … again! Read on for tips on how to squeeze a bit more life out of the summer growing season.

Not Done with Summer? Your Tomatoes Don’t Have to Be, Either!

People say there can be “too much of a good thing.” Bacon cheeseburgers? OK, fine. Great wine? Debatable. Tomatoes? GET OUTTA OUR GREENHOUSE. If you’re like us, and you want to keep those bad boys ballooning as long as you can, consider these end-of-season tomato hacks!

  • Temperatures are going to start heading south. On nights that threaten to freeze, cover those tomato cages with blankets. Just don’t forget to remove them in the morning so your plants can bask blissfully in the sunlight throughout the day. Don’t rip the blankets! Just cover the cages so cool air won’t get trapped underneath.

  • Or even better, treat your tomatoes to a cozy row cover. A floating row cover does NOT have to be removed daily. It’s a super-light (0.6 oz / square yard) polyester fabric, almost like a long roll of dryer sheets, that allows 75% light transmission and provides frost protection down to 30℉. We recommend ones made by Reemay, which you can find online or down with our buds at Peaceful Valley Farms in Grass Valley, CA.

  • Slice some drip tubing (lengthwise) and line the wires and top of the cage with it. This protects your row cover from being torn in the wind. Hey, every little degree counts!

  • Always feel free to feed ‘em a little late-summer BOOST and PUNCH to invigorate them, satisfy them, and keep their minds off that whole impending doom thing they’re facing … One last application will give you big end results.

  • Enjoy those caprese salads for that much longer!