Here is an easy, 6-step tomato planting guide on how to grow tomatoes in Nevada for all you gardeners and growers looking to achieve huge growth and production. No more scrawny tomato plants that give you a couple tomatoes here or there throughout the season. Lame! It’s time to step it up.

Follow these simple steps on how to grow tomatoes in Nevada and you may even experience 50 lbs of tomatoes per plant (just like Full Circle’s very own Farmer Craig!).

1.) Massage the soil: Break up your native soil a bit! This is done “Amish style,” with no rototillers or machines. Get our your spade or shovel and just push it in 6-12 inches deep and give your soil a little poke. You do not want to turn over the topsoil. The top 6 inches is where the biology and microbes live. That is why it’s called “top”soil so don’t bury all the goodness.

Prepare your soil "Amish" style. Just use a spade or pitchfork to break up hard soil. Do not rototill and cut up worms or other beneficial microbes.

Prepare your soil “Amish” style.

2.) Stick that tomato in the ground: It is that easy. Put that tomato in the ground. Did you know tomato plants can grow roots from far up their stalks? You bet they can, so bury them deep! Just don’t go too deep and suffocate the bugger.

A Nevada tomato planted deep in the soil.

A Nevada tomato planted deep in the soil.

3.) Drench the newly planted tomato with a high quality compost tea: The more biology, the better the tomato will do. Nevada soils need extra biology to support healthy plant growth. In this case we are using Full Circle Soils & Compost’s PUNCH (An All-natural Worm “Brew” for Your Plants). This high quality liquid vermicompost is made by our family of hard-working composting worms and contains billions of beneficial microorganisms for your plants to enjoy. If you don’t have PUNCH, you can make your own compost tea as shown in this helpful video.

4.) Throw a Wall-O-Water around that matter!!!: In Nevada, who knows when it will freeze. If you throw a Wall-O-Water around that tomato it will act like an individual greenhouse for the plant and boost the growing season.

Using a Wall-O-Water in Nevada to grow big tomatoes!

Using a Wall-O-Water in Nevada to grow big tomatoes!

5.) Let it grow! (Also, water accordingly. We’ll save that for another post.)

6.) Boost your tomato: The key is giving your tomato a BOOST all throughout the growing season. Tomatoes take a lot of nutrition out of the soil while they grow. So, replenishing these nutrients is key. You can do this with a high quality liquid biological like the PUNCH talked about above or you can use a dry organic soil amendment that is loaded with water soluble calcium. A soil amendment packed with calcium, like Full Circle Soils & Compost’s BOOST, will do the trick.Tomatoes loveeeee calcium! That is the special element that gives tomato growers their edge. Just sprinkle it on 1/4 in about 2-3 times during the growing season and get a natural boost of nutrition that allows for 50 lbs of tomatoes per plant!

The most satisfying all-natural soil amendment available. As voted by happy plants everywhere!

The most satisfying all-natural soil amendment available. As voted by happy plants everywhere!

Follow those steps and you can grow tomatoes in Nevada, just like the one Farmer Craig did!


We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! Now get in the dirt and start planting! Real results and real growth…

Posted by Full Circle Compost on Tuesday, May 26, 2015