“Natural pesticide?” Sounds like an oxymoron right?

Check this out: There’s a talc-like powder made from the dusty remains of ancient marine plankton. It’s called Diatomaceous Earth and it’s hell for most pesky insects that terrorize our gardens. Why? Because the tiny, tiny, tiny particles are like microscopic glass shards that get embedded in the exoskeletons of insects. These shards physically destroy the insects and keep them from harming your plants. PLUS, you and I can eat Diatomaceous Earth with no adverse side effects. In fact, we already do. Most grains are stored with a dusting of Diatomaceous Earth to bugs don’t have their way with the harvest. Many people also ingest Diatomaceous Earth on the regular because they believe it has positive effects on their internal health.


Pretty cool, right? Check out Farmer Craig dusting his cucumber plant with Diatomaceous Earth in this video:

What is Diatomaceous Earth? Why it’s the best organic pest control available. Natural pest control for aphids, white flies and more.