Oh yes, it’s April in Northern Nevada … well, technically it’s April everywhere. But, this month always bring furrowed eyebrows to the faces of gardeners in and around Northern Nevada. Why? Because it’s a time of gambling, sort of.

See, April could be the month that allows you to get a jumpstart on the growing season and give those tomatoes the extra time in the ground they need to be wildly productive come harvest time (which could also be a little earlier for you if you get them in the ground sooner).

Typically, using Reno as an example, we get our last frost in Northern Nevada as late as May or even June. In 2015, the last day the temperature dipped below freezing was April 15th, when it dropped to 28 degrees in Reno. This year? Who knows. However, we don’t need to be nostradamus in order to be successful gardeners in the area; all we need is a clever little tool to help us disregard freezing temperatures.

Let me introduce to you, the Wall-O-Water, a $10 season-extender for tomato plants everywhere (especially here in our area). This ingenious little plastic lifesaver is a must for early, worry-free planting. How’s it work? Watch the video below.


Farmer Craig puts his money where his Wall-O-Water is, as he does every year: