It’s no secret, spending time with friends is good for you! But did you know that plants have friends too?  Placing compatible plants next to each other allows them to benefit the company. This strategy, known as companion planting, helps deter pests, increase the yield of your veggies and improve flavor. So garden with future meals in mind! Here is a list of plants that prefer to be neighbors in the garden and at your table.

Tomato & Basil: Tomatoes have lots of friends in the garden, but they are best buds with Basil. The aroma from Basil deters insects from noshing on precious tomato fruit. Basil is also known to improve the flavor of the tomatoes because of shared soil nutrients. Tomato and basil … a timeless culinary combo.

Sage & Bush Beans: Similar to the basil and tomato relationship, sage protects bush beans from hungry critters. Parasites detest the smell of sage, which protects bean plants. Bush Beans also grow well with cucumbers, eggplants, garlic, kale and strawberries. Careful! Three’s a crowd if you plant cucumbers too, as sage and cucumber do NOT get along.

Parsley & Asparagus: Planting parsley alongside asparagus will stimulate the asparagus plant’s growth. Parsley also keeps Asparagus beetles at bay. So what’s in it for Parsley? It just so happens that Parsley likes partial shade, so these two get along quite well!

Strawberries & Thyme: Thyme helps strawberries thrive while also attracting pollinators to your garden. These two also have a common friend in spinach. Throw them all together and you’ve got a classic combo for salads and other fresh dishes.

These Plants Are Friends With Everybody!

    • Marigolds: Your whole garden will benefit from Marigolds! Plant these fragrant beauties throughout your garden to confuse pests as they search for their favorite fruits and veggies. Marigolds can be eaten too! Add dried petals to soups, salads or even brew it as a tea!
    • Garlic: Garlic isn’t just for warding off vampires, it deters aphids and beetles too! These pests are not a fan of garlic’s strong smell, and who doesn’t want a little fresh garlic for their dishes?
    • Chamomile: Like thyme, chamomile attracts pollinators like hoverflies and wasps. Planting chamomile next to other herbs can also enhance their flavor. Way to go, chamomile!