Our focus is rooted in the soil, knowing that underneath the surface is where growing success starts. We don’t just believe this; we know it—it’s natural science. By replenishing the soil with the natural ingredients it needs to sustain a healthy ecosystem, plants enjoy everything they need to happily produce bountiful harvests. Our products work naturally with the soil to create a fruitful partnership with the plants that live there.

Launched by an ambitious farmer named Craig after receiving his degrees in Agriculture and Soil Microbiology, Full Circle Soils & Compost has been fine-tuning its recipe for enviro-friendly, all-natural plant products for 20+ years. By understanding the biology, listening to what plants want and pouring endless care into our products, we’ve embarked on a green mission to replenish the Earth with healthy, satisfying soil.

With Full Circle Soils & Compost you’ll give your plants what they like and they’ll give you what you like: fragrant flowers, sweet fruits and nutrient-dense vegetables.



What other product out there delivers results you’ll experience with all five senses?

  • Results you will TASTE (become buds again with your taste buds)
  • Results you will SEE (colors so vibrant you’ll need sunglasses)
  • Results you will SMELL (catch the seducing smells of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables)
  • Results you will FEEL (enjoy nutrient-dense fruits and veggies grown in our rich, wholesome planting products and you’ll feel more vibrant, more energetic, more whole)
  • Results you will HEAR (we may sound weird, but healthy plants talk to us … OK, mostly nonverbally)
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